Summer 2013 Quality Book of Tools Updates

It has been a while since this blog was last updated but we are pleased to announce many recent and exciting developments with the Quality Book of Tools.

For starters, we have recently updated the website and PDF versions of the QBT to remove some errors and updated broken links. Please let us know if you have any problems with the links or any suggestions.

We recently presented the Quality Book of Tools at the WONCA triennial meeting in Prague in June 2013. There was lots of interest in using the Quality Book of Tools as a resource for WONCA.  Our presentation is a basic overview of how to use the QBT. See the presentation here.

Feel free to download and use the PowerPoint presentation for implementing Quality into your practice. Let us know how it works for you.

We are working on a Quality Book of Tools: Getting Started Program and our first module will be available soon on our website. Stay tuned!

We are planning to host a webinar on Getting Started with our Quality Book of Tools. We will be sending out invitations.

We’re really keen to hear from you. Let us know if you are using our tool. Your feedback and advice is very helpful to us and other QBT users.

Please share your thoughts through this Blog or contact us at

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  • Criteria Symbols

    Legal and Safety – required by law*

    Essential – required to demonstrate best practice

    Desirable – required to demonstrate additional quality

    (*Assumptions about indicators are based on the nature of these indicators and the regulations that qualify them)