2003-2009 Tool Contributors

Project Management Team

  • Cheryl Levitt, Project Lead
  • David Price, Physician Consultant
  • Linda Hilts, Nursing Consultant
  • Jan Kasperski, OCFP Representative

Project Team Members

  • Angela Barbara, Project Manager & Researcher
  • Jamie Baxter, Website Design
  • Eileen Hanna, Project Manager
  • Phyllis Jansen, Research Coordinator
  • Colin McMullan, Research Coordinator
  • Tammy Villeneuve, Administrative Assistant

Steering Committee Members

  • Jack Azulay, Patient Representative
  • Anne Barber, Nurse Practitioner Representative
  • Elizabeth Beader, Executive Director of
    North Hamilton Community Health Centre
  • Janie Bowles-Jordan, Pharmacist Representative
  • Lisa Dolovich, Pharmacist Representative
  • Jennifer Frid, Receptionist Consultant
  • Carol Hayter, Patient Representative
  • Michelle Martin, Patient Representative
  • Jennifer McGregor, Dietitian Representative
  • Ruth Morris, Family Physician Consultant
  • Mari Rainer, Receptionist Representative
  • Carol Ridge, Manager Representative
  • David Smith, Social Worker Representative

Refining the Quality Assessment Tool and modified Delphi Project

  • Lisa Dolovich, Principal Investigator
  • Cheryl Levitt, Principal Investigator
  • David Price, Principal Investigator
  • Kalpana Nair, Project Manager and Researcher


  • Alan Abelsohn, Consultant on Tool Development
  • David Chan, IT Consultant
  • Michael Mills, Australian & New Zealand
    Site Visitor
  • Cathy Whyte, Cost Analysis
  • Chris Woodward, Research Consultant

Corresponding Consultants

  • Maureen Gillon, New Zealand
  • Bruce Bagley, United States
  • Rachelle Vial, United Kingdom
  • Ronald MacVicar, Scotland
  • Jim DuRose, New Zealand